Our biggest collaboration yet!

We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and now we’re planning our biggest collaboration yet – ACRE21.

In May and June 2021, we are aiming for eight TWIGs and four public concerts across the Murray River, Balranald, Swan Hill and Gannawarra council areas.

ACRE21 will draw on existing relationships with artists and communities, with hopes of creating new and long-lasting ones.

Of course, we’re planning for ACRE21 in light of these uncertain COVID times, and no matter what the situation in May 2021, ACRE21 will go ahead. 

All scenarios are being worked on, from an online-only showcase of TWIG artists’ work, through to a full and rich program of face-to-face TWIGs and music events. We are hoping for the latter, but planning for the former, and everything in between.

Like us on socials and check back here to find out more as our program is finalised.