Farm and school TWIGs

Farm and school TWIGs

Artists have been matched with local farms and schools, and will each spend a week living and working in that local community. 

TWIGs have become the signature event for The ACRE Project since we began in 2009.

Farmers generously host an artist on their farm, sharing their homes, meals and time, allowing the artist to create works that respond to and resonate with the farm and local area. In some cases, workshops are held for locals.

At the end of the on-farm residency, the artist and farmers present a TWIG – a night of food and conversation around a fire with local neighbours, families and friends invited to join in.

For ACRE21, we have expanded the TWIG concept to include school residencies.

There will be eight on-farm and school TWIGs during ACRE21.

Swan Hill Rural City Council area

  • Margie Mackay, Suzanne Connelly-Klidomitis and Mitchell Barkman on-farm at Woorinen (contemporary ceremony) – photos and video here
  • Asking for Trouble at Nyah District Primary School (circus, theatre and performance art)

Gannawarra Shire Council area

  • Hannah French on-farm at Lake Charm (animation)
  • Margie Mackay and Esther Kirby on-farm at Tragowel (contemporary ceremony) – photos and video here

Murray River Council area

Balranald Shire Council area

  • Neil Murray and Trevor Flinn on-farm at Balranald (songwriting and sculptural/installation art) – photos and videos here
  • Vic McEwan on-farm at Balranald (sound, composition, video and performance art)