September 2014 at Lalbert with Peter and Joanne Mullan

In this round of TWIGs, The ACRE Project teamed up with the Victorian College of the Arts. We selected two graduate artists for 10-day on-farm residencies, and both artists were selected out of a strong field.

Melbourne-based sculptor Carrie McGrath stayed with the Mullans at Lalbert.

She arrived at the farm from Melbourne and was soon in the thick of it, getting involved in lamb marking and visiting a sale at the Swan Hill Regional Livestock Exchange.

Over the 10 days, she was shown around the local area, spent time immersed in day-to-day farm operations, and did a workshop with students at St Mary’s Primary School.

Carrie also created new work on-farm. She welded and moved sculptures with Peter, collected objects with Joanne and painted with their daughters.

The end result was an installation made with all kinds of materials – objects from the farm, railway nails from the town, mussel shells from the reserve, farmhouse furniture, and drawings made in the farmhouse. It was by far the most expansive area Carrie had worked in.

She also showed photos taken throughout the residency and had a sound installation, both of which were great conversation starters for the 30 or so people at the TWIG celebration night.

Partners – Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Regional Training and Engagement Fund, Arts Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Swan Hill Rural City Council

Photos by Laura O’Dwyer