July 2012 at Manangatang with Marian and Rod Caccianiga

This TWIG was one of a kind. Artists Trevor Flinn and John Britten worked with the Caccianigas at their Manangatang property, in the Victorian Mallee.

After a five-day stay, friends and neighbours were immersed in Trevor’s installation, and John’s soundscape.

Those attending walked barefoot through the bush, through a walkway lined with Mallee roots and branches, and then a limestone labyrinth in a dry dam bed.

Near the TWIG, a huge mother bin was turned into a cinema screen, with a film that Trevor had made of his stay at Manang.

It was the fourth of five TWIGs held with Trevor from May to August 2012 in the region.

Partners – Swan Hill Rural City Council, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Regional Arts Victoria, Your Community Cares, Wakool Shire Council and The Australia Council for the Arts.

“Trevor made a fine choice for this project. His practice is largely focused on working with farming and rural communities, not to mention his family links to this part of the country with his grandmother growing up on a soldier settler block on the Goschen Woorinen Road.”

– Ian Tully, The ACRE Project

This is the piece heard outdoors on 20 July 2012 at The Pines, at Twig 4 in the 2012 ACRE / Twig event series in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia ( This piece started life a day earlier as a response to Trevor Flinn and Marian and Rod Caccianiga’s preparations for the night and it was looping around the farm as the attendees enjoyed the Twig’s labyrinth, the fires and the whole sensory adventure.

Marian Caccianiga speaks about the significance of the labyrinth and the importance of acknowledging our connection to the earth. What follows is a series of images taken on Rod and Marian’s wheat farm, near Manangatang.