Wakool Burraboi school TWIG

June 2021 at Wakool (part of ACRE21)

Sheep races, pulling slides, motorbikes, air tractors and a fishing classic. Sound familiar? Then you’re probably from the Wakool region!

These were all elements worked into ‘Heading to Yallapenya’, a gorgeous little play written by Angela Frost, Robert Charles (Uncle Ducky) and Wakool Burraboi Public School students as part of an ACRE21 TWIG artist residency, in partnership wit Outback Theatre for Young People.

Angela and Uncle Ducky worked with the school’s 12 students during Term 2, learning about their lives in and around Wakool. For many it was their first time involved with performing arts and their first time on stage.

The students performed the show one on a Tuesday night at the Wakool Hall, much to the delight of the parents and locals who gathered as the audience.

The play tells the story of a little girl who gets lost in a place like Wakool, on the way to visit her grandma. She rides a motorbike, chats to farmers in a rice paddock, goes to a big community event called ‘The Classic’. Everyone helps her out, including a character called Uncle Ducky, who gives her a feather to help guide her way.

Congratulations and thanks to all the students involved and to Angela, Uncle Ducky, Richie Hallal (sound and light) and Wakool Burraboi school staff.

Partners – Outback Theatre for Young People, Murray River Council, South West Arts,  Create NSW

Video and photography – Kim Deylen